Painful, swollen, osteoarthritic knee

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Hi all. My OA left knee - the worst - felt painful and 'loose' last weekend. I didn't go to tai chi on Monday, as I felt it would be better to rest it. Unfortunately, it's gradually become worse during the week and, after a restless night, it's now tight, painful and swollen.

I was lucky enough to be able to book a GP appointment online for today, thinking that I may need it, so I'm going to see him this afternoon.

I just wondered. I didn't think that OA flared up like this. Is this common? Has anybody else had this sort of swelling with OA?



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    My knees swell occasionally and a diclofenac or two sorts it out, plus a little icing every now and again. Whether it's the OA or my PsA that causes it I have no idea but I suspect the OA because my inflammatory markers are always very low (thanks to the meds for the PsA) and an anti-inflammatory medicine such as naproxen or diclo is often prescribed for those with OA. I am pleased you are seeing your GP and, if you don't already have an anti-inflammatory med, I think you soon might. :wink: DD
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    dreamdaisy wrote:
    My knees swell occasionally and a diclofenac or two sorts it out, plus a little icing every now and again.

    I now have a wonderful mental image of DD, seated with knees bent and raised, and a spatula in one hand plus a small bowl of royal icing in the other, diligently applying the latter to her knees. Sorry, DD. It was my brain jumping to conclusions (Te only things I can still jump to) not your grammar that was wrong.

    Megrose, it sounds like OA to me, too. I find OA reacts indignantly to any heavier than usual workload and, as a joint deteriorates, it reaches its indignant limit more quickly. However, occasionally, just to confuse us, it's not that at all.

    I think you're doing the right thing and I hope the GP can help.
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    Thank you Sticky and DD. Yes, it was a flare-up of the OA. He's given me some Ibuprofen gel, as he doesn't like to prescribe Ibuprofen tablets, so we'll see how it goes.

    Mr MR has just rubbed some into my knee - he wasn't as gentle as my lovely, young GP, who stroked my knee and said "Oh dear". However, one can't have everything!

    And, as I'm hobbling around the house with my stick at the moment, Mr MR is making dinner, too, while I'm settling back with a cup of tea to watch the tennis! There's always a silver lining! :-)

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    I hope the pain dulling gel helps Megrose, indeed OA flares up and appears as if from nowhere in other joints, as it wends its way around. Summer is a bad time for me, hot weather sends my joints into overdrive. Others feel much better in warmer weather and have a lot of trouble in the winter months.

    I did have to read twice DD, about the icing, lol, I do understand though. :)

    Keep us posted and take care XXX Aidan
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    I do get swollen knees but for me they look worse than they feel as I don't always get pain associated with it. They click a lot- x rays show they are bone on bone- and I think the humira injections have been a massive help by dampening down the swelling.

    Hope they start to improve.

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