Inflammation in Joints - Natural Remedies and Creams

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I am new this forum. I suffer from Rheumatoid arthritis and inflammation and pain in joints is a regular thing.
I usually love to swim and it helps if I go for a swim before the bed.

I have recently heard about different skincare products people use for joint pains and healthy joints. I used Deepheat patches and Voltarol for temporary relief in past and live in painkillers

Sprays and cream are quite expensive for a common man, I have been recently suggested by a friend to use ActiveCare cream by Natural Skincare Factory. I did some research and read lot of positive feedback about their Active care cream.

It is not the cheapest cream on the market but if anyone here have used it and give some feedback, I might order some.

thank you for running this helpful forum and Hi everyone


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    Hello and welcome from me, too, DaveSm.

    I can only echo what our webmanager, Sharon, has written. I've never heard of this cream and would, somewhat cynically, suggest that it's simply an expensive way of parting you from your money. Most of these products are. And, can you be sure that the reviews are independent and not by people paid to write them? I've looked it up and the active ingredients are eucalyptus, rosemary and lavender, not ingedients I'd associate with pain relief.

    I wonder what DMARD(S) / biologics you are taking. I find a combination of methotrexate and hydroxychloroquine works well to keep my RA under control. If your meds aren't working well why not ring your rheumatology helpline for advice?

    Of course we all need pain relief but I try to keep mine to a minimum and, thanks to my DMARDS, I can do that.

    Well done with the swimming. That should help to keep you mobile.

    If you look a little further down this forum you'll see that 'Surrey' has been prescribed Zacin cream by her GP as she is unable to use NSAIDS. That is at least based on an ingredient which has some proven anti-inflammatory benefits (capsaicin) though, on its own, it will not hold back RA so I feel your rheumatologist is your best bet. Good luck!
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    If such stuff worked this forum would not exist but for some reason it does. We are vulnerable people when it comes to 'natural' remedies with their unverified promises :( and, in my experience, it's those who are experiencing the gentle aches and pains of natural ageing who recommend such things (together with the copper insoles, bracelets, magnets, Apos therapy and Ian Botham's gizmo). They may help people with OA in terms of briefly easing pain and discomfort (capsaicin cream is prescribed by some GPs) but for us auto-immuners it's a very different kettle of fish: this things will do nothing in 'fixing' our faulty immune systems which is what the meds tackle, admittedly with varying degrees of success but they are a better answer. I wish you well. DD
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