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Hello. Just joined I'm 58yrs old. In 2004 I had a severe pain shoot through my right knee. My knee became very swollen and painful. Doc said piece of bone had broken away from my knee. Wear and tear.Prescribed remadine forte painkillers and stretch bandage. Over the years same thing happened to my left knee with swelling and pain occurring in episodes. Recently I have had the most severe pain in my groin, left side, only lasts for a second but excruciating and causes me to lose power in my leg. My hands swell on occasions especially in the mornings. Blood test showed osteoarthritis.I now feel unfit for work but have been refused ESA.welfare rights officer provided me with lawyer for more info on my condition from my gp. I visited gp who gave me the impression that arthritis does not exist, when I asked her to examine my knees, she just smiled and said. I don't need to. I asked her if the pain in my groin was bones rubbing together,she said no,I asked her what's causing this pain, she just shrugged her shoulders and said. I don't know.she then told me not to hold out much hope of recieving employment andbenefit. I feel so upset she absolutely did not believe I was in pain.I was so confused. Then saw this forum, has anyone came across GP who don't take arthritis seriously.


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    Hello Mandolin

    Welcome to Arthritis Care Forums. As mods we are here to help with any problems you may have on the message boards.

    There are lots of lovely people here with a wide range of experiences with arthritis and the problems of living with the condition. Just join in wherever you like you will be made very welcome.

    I look forward to seeing you posting on the boards.

    All best wishes
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    Hello Mandolin and welcome from me, too.

    Arthritis is bad enough, isn't it, without feeling the doc is in denial? I've always been very lucky with my GPs and consultants but my OA came as a result of many years of RA and I think that makes things easier for them.

    Why is OA difficult for GPs? Because they can't cure it and they can't even tell how much pain the patient is in as we all experience pain differently. One person's twinge is another person's agony and even x-rays don't tell the full story. Have a look here about diagnosis.

    As for ESA and / or other help, you might find something useful here . And for managing the arthritis itself, we have a brilliant page on diet, exercise, pain etc here

    It's a big help, with any long-term disease or illness, if patient and GP can feel comfortable with each other so, if you're unhappy with yours, remember you can see any other in the practice or even change practices very easily.
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    My arthritis began in my left knee back in 1997 and my then GP did not recognise it for what it was (an auto-immune form) because they know a little about a lot. I was vaguely diagnosed in 2002 with some kind of auto-immune inflammatory arthritis because my bloods showed very raised figures and I began the first of my meds; despite this it spread to involve other joints. OA was diagnosed in my knees in 2011 and was caused by the joint damage from the first and of course that has spread because that is what it does.

    OA is diagnosed by Xray and joint manipulation (the Xay shows the damage and the manipulation if the range of joint movement has been impinged) whereas blood tests show whether an auto-immune form is the culprit but one needs a rheumatologist to properly interpret the results (GPs know a little about a lot, rheumatologists know a lot about a little). Who arranged for and interpreted your blood test? I'm guessing your GP. My rheumatologist deals with my auto-immune and my GP the OA, I'm the lucky one who lives with both conditions. :wink: DD
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    Hello Mandolin and welcome to the forum
    I had all this with my first GP so decided to get a new one..not always easy I must ask for a referral to a orthopedic consultant then they can do all the xrays or MRIs..and move on from there..and also ask to see a rheumy so that bloods can be checked out especially with the swelling..good luck