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after a slight blip yesterday after loosing my rather expensive sunglasses brought a new pair today. then went off to my slimming world group after not going for three weeks to weigh in tonight after having quite a naughty week whilst on holiday eating Cornish pasties and clotted cream cream teas (well we were in Cornwall so it would have been very rude not too wouldn't it) and then on Saturday our nice Anniversary meal out including a glass of wine I only gained 2lb so still well in my target range so very happy :splash: :too-hot:
Stay positive always👍xx


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    I was holding my breath Carol reading all the reasons why you might have gained a good bit of weight.....

    you hadn't!!!

    Well done you still in range :)
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    Thank you Frog
    to say I was pleased was an understatement as I didn't want to break my 2yr 3month record for staying in target would have danced round the room if only I could he he :lol::D
    Stay positive always👍xx
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    That is really good news Carol..you must have done more exercises without realizing it..x
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    Brilliant, Carol, especially when you factor in that you really were not feeling good about the holiday beforehand. People often 'comfort eat'. I think you've got this beaten and no mistake. I'm happy too :D
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    Thanks Barbara and Sticky
    Barbara I know I did more exercise walking up and down hills wit my walker and walking with it on cobble stones which is no easy task and basically I was shattered every day when we got back. :bouncing-ball:

    Sticky yep I am afraid except for hen I cooked something for us which was about 4 times during the week Slimming world was sort of forgotten but as soon we got home it was straight back on track no messing about. and as my third week I didn't go was o give me a chance to claw it back a bit during the next week and 2 days and the Anniversary meal I had been very good all day and it was only our evening meal out that was dodgy. :cheers:
    Stay positive always👍xx
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    Carol - well done! You know the plan like the back of your hand now and it proves that if you stick to a healthy eating regime it is possible to lose weight - and keep it off!

    Good to know you enjoyed your holiday and had some delicious meals into the bargain.

    Turn a negative into a positive!
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    You've done so well. I don't think there's any great harm in having treats, even if it's for a week, as long as you get back on track just as you did. Well done.