BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Get those flags ready to wave everyone ...

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It was weigh-in day today. As of last week I was one and a half pounds off reaching my 4 stone target.

I have now lost 4 stones and 1 pound. :lol::lol:

So not only have I reached my 4 stone award but I've gone past it a little bit. :lol::lol: I now need to get another stone off and then I'll have reached the end of my journey. I hope to get to my final target by the end of the year which I feel is achievable.

Am feeling slightly chuffed with myself ...

Turn a negative into a positive!


  • dreamdaisy
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    And so you should be, that is wonderful news! Congratulations my lovely, you have done very well indeed. ((( ))) DD
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  • frogmorton
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    Well DONE you Grace :)
  • mig
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    Thats wonderful news,well done. Mig
  • barbara12
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    Grace you should feel very chuffed..blimey you must feel so much lighter when walking.. :D now keep up the good work..x
  • Turbogran
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    Congratulations Grace a great big well done and you deserve one of these :cheers: you have done brilliantly you will smash that target by Christmas i'm sure so happy for you.
    Stay positive always👍xx
  • GraceB
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    Thank you everyone. I feel better in myself for having lost the weight but the joints have still sadly not appreciated my efforts. I have coped much better this year with the hot weather - thankfully - and I know that's down to the weight loss.

    Turn a negative into a positive!
  • stickywicket
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    And that's no more than you deserve, Grace. Another tremendous achievement. Well done!
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  • applerose
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    Wow. That's fantastic. You've done so well. :cheers: