New Rhumatology Consultant and appointment

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It did have to be the hottest day of the year for my visit to hospital! It was like an oven in there!! I had to get a cold drink from the machine to keep me hydrated in there. All the poor nurses where wilting. The nurse took my blood pressure and it was low she said it wasn't too low (whatever that means!), saw my new Rheumatologist Mr Saeed who I got on with straight away, we discussed my ankle tumour firstly he had the contrast scan pictures up on his computer screen and showed it me from different angles, it's larger than I first believed. He said that could be the main cause of my leg giving way and also why I'm getting so much pain in my knee. He took a look at my knee and said it was pretty swollen and pressed it which made me screech because of the pain. He also wants some new up to date X-rays of the left knee and a blood test before he decides whether to try me on Methotrexate. He said my blood pressure might be a little low due to the tumour. He's really lovely and listens to what I have to say and he explains everything, I'm very pleased he's my new Rheumatologist. He's going to see me in two Months and hopefully we will know more about my tumour by then!! :deckchair:


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    It's very good that you have an instant rapport with your new rheumatologist but I'm still utterly confused as to why a rheumatologist is treating a tumour and seems quite happy to leave things for another two months. I think this has to be good news, bubbadog. If there were concerns about it they wouldn't be leaving it for so long when it's already been a month. I hope, whatever the cause, the outcome is good.
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    Hello bubba Im so glad they are looking after you, but like SW I am worried that you need this tumour sorting somehow..has for your knee I should think they might drain it..and that will ease some of the take care