Has anyone else had internet problems?

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Over this week I have come across some internet problems mostly with trying to get to different sites. It started with Yahoo and now it has got to another site I go on regularly. What happens is when I click to go to the page it keeps spinning and then a page appears saying 'hmm we can't seem to reach this page'. Has anyone come across this and do they know how to sort it? I know it's effect a few people and different stories as to why it's doing this have been floating around.


  • stickywicket
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    BT had a couple of problems earlier this week. Both my computer and Mr SW's laptop had difficulties with some site but not others. I think it's been resolved now. Ours are OK anyway. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-28071423
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    Sounds worrying Bubbadog - if it's still happening I would take advice initially from your internet provider. Just incase it might be a virus??????

    I hope it's all resolved now


    Toni xxx
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    No probs here bubba..sometimes the storms can take it down..but like Toni say have a word with your provider ..hope its get sorted soon
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    No problems here either: I do occasionally get the 'Hmmmmm' message (and it's not my fault, it's the machine's) but another click and it's sorted. Thankfully we're not with BT. DD
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    oh Bubba sorry you are having problems its very annoying when that happens I am not having any problems we have sky broadband hope it sorts it self out soon
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    Yes we are with B.T, it got sorted the same day luckily! Funnily enough my OH phoned me and told me B.T where having problems because it had been on the radio at his factory and I said to him 'don't I bloody know it!' which made him laugh. All is happy again in internet world again!! :cheers: