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Now an incident in a shopping centre in Munich, multiple deaths and many injured. It makes you wonder where next and also how can
people walk around armed with guns and rifles.
The world is in a bad place at the moment.


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    A scary place alright Ron :(

    I hope it's all over and they've got the shooters.

    Those poor poor people :(
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    Just what I was saying Ron.. how on earth can they get these rifle in there..we need airport type security on these shopping center..
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    Why just shopping malls, Barbara? If there, why not also at all sports grounds, cinemas, theatres, churches, airport entrances rather than just departure lounges? Short of running a police state we can't prevent people carrying concealed weapons.

    What we could do something about is ease of access to them.

    The UK is the 5th highest global supplier of arms which we send to, among other places, Saudi Arabia other countries in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as sub-Saharan Africa.

    And then, where do they go?
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    Gun bought on 'the dark web'. I think you can buy everything but a nuclear bomb on there.

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