Is it a bad summer for breathing?

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I don't just mean the last few very humid days and weeks.

I always negotiate with my docs as to how far I can go with cutting back on meds. One result is that I'm written up for two puffs morning and night of my brown, steroid inhaler, 'take as necessary' for my blue one and two squirts per nostril morning and night of my nasal inhaler. However, for years I've got away with one puff morning and night of the steroid inhaler, one squirt per nostril every two-three nights and, as for the blue inhaler, by the time I need it it's usually run out :oops:

Not so this summer. I'm on my full whack of each and dare not leave the house without my blue one. I've spoken to other asthma sufferers and they are having similar experiences. Even friends who don't regard themselves as having anything at all, seem to have little dry asthmatic coughs or very runny noses.

How about you guys?


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    This is the worst summer for some years in terms of my breathing with ease - or rather not. I am using my brown inhaler twice per day (four puffs in total, gotta love those steroids!) and the blue at least three times (only the one puff and not steroidal). I don't like summer at the best of times and this is far from the best of times. DD

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    Sorry you are having a bad time SW. I know the air quality has been quite poor recently, hot, humid and stagnant air, with pollution soon building up, even in the countryside areas.
    The BBC weather has a warning about air quality on the weather site and then there is pollen that has gone sky high as well.
    All not good things for asthma sufferers.

    I can recommend an air purifier, with an ioniser, worth googling and they do help in the house, to keep the air clean.

    Take care XX Aidan
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    Thanks, Aidan. It might be worth investing again. We used to have one. However, I'm, as usual, regarding all this as very temporary. I shall be miffed if it carries on once the weather breaks :lol:
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    Thought it might have been me with the chest problems I'm having but the other day when it was really heavy and humid I was breathing really hard and had to use the inhaler a couple of times.My fingers and toes are like little fat sausages.
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    The humid weather has really been bothering me.
    Warm weather , Sun, yes but not this very hot and humid weather....I do not like it

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    Funnily enough since we got back from Pathos my OH has been really poorly with a bad cough and congested chest. He keeps coughing up tons of phlegm. And it's hurting his ribs. I keep on at him to go to the doctor's but you know what men are like!!
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    Thank you, Bubbles, for a good idea: I' ve never tried one before but maybe it's time because as I age I find things harder to manage / tolerate; maybe something like this could help. I'm off to investigate! DD
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    My eldest GD suffer form asthma and has certainly used her inhaler more than usual..
    bubbles that is a really good idea..thankyou