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Good morning,

I joined the forum having lurked for a while. It's lovely to know that there's a community of people out there ready to give advice and share in the challenges that RA brings.

My condition announced itself suddenly last August when my big toe felt like it was broken. Initial diagnosis suggested Gout but then it spread quickly to both feet and hands. A winter of referrals and appointments followed until I got my RA diagnosis in March. It continues to spread.

I am very lucky to have a good network of friends, a patient partner and a very flexible boss who has bought me a laptop so I can work from home whenever I feel bad. I can't imagine what life would be like if I had to rely on a healthy body for my income.

Anyway, I'm capable of being incredibly dull so I'll save my hobbies, interests and life stories for another time.

Good to be in the gang at last.


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    Welcome to the forum, I am ure you will find support, light relief, advice and friendship. There are lots of others with RA and will be able to help and avise you.

    I'm one of the moderation team, we all have one or more arthritis 'hangers on' or look after family with the same.

    If you need help with the technicalities of the forum just get in touch via a personal message.

    Best wishes

    ChrisK Moderator
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    Hello there, wivenswold. It's always good to have another lurker on board so welcome to the gang for which we'd all prefer to be ineligible.

    I, too, have RA but I'm considerably more years down the line than you. Good friends, partners and bosses make all the difference in the world to us. As you say, reliance on healthy bodies is not our thing.

    When you say your RA 'continues to spread' is your rheumatologist happy with your blood results? Have you found the right DMARD(S) for you? It can take some time.

    Feel free to be 'incredibly dull' whenever you wish. I do :wink:
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    Hello past lurker, :wink: it's lovely to meet you and I hope you didn't find your first post too daunting - I think that joining a support forum is a like walking into a long-established party where everyone seems to know everyone but, as you've lurked, I hope that you feel you 'know' some of us already.

    I don't have RA but I can empathise with the frustrations etc. that these inflammatory conditions can bring in their wake. I am pleased that you have a good support network of people around you (so many don't) but on the forum we can communicate from the 'inside' so to speak. I am blessed with having an understanding husband (he has the occasional bout of gout which gives him a glimpse of my life) and I also had a wonderful boss (because I was self-employed). :) The Spouse had a secretary who was affected by my flavour of auto-immune joint nonsense (psoriatic arthritis) so he was able to better understand her needs and responded accordingly. She eventually retired after five years of flexible working when working at home proved too tricky but everyone is different in how things develop and progress .

    I don't think you sound 'incredibly dull' and hope you don't prove me wrong. :wink: Having taken the plunge I hope you stay onboard (so to speak) There are many people in your situation, trying to accept and adapt and your input could be very useful for them. I wish you well. DD
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    Welcome to the forum, nice to meet you.
    I am sure that the forum will be a good place for you, as it is for so many. Sharing, caring, talking, having a grumble, having a flare, or just in need of a piece of cake in the cafe. Everyone I know is just wonderful, which is so welcome, when you feel bad, good, in pain, or just want a natter about the days events.
    Look forward to hearing more about the hobbies etc.
    Take care Aidan XX
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    Hello and welcome to the forum!
    I'm a newbie and am currently in the 'referred and awaiting diagnosis stage'
    I do hope your rheumatologist gets your RA under control soon.
    Rachel x
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    Thank you for all the lovely messages. I feel at home already.

    I've just started on a new DMARD, Hydroxychloroquine, and had a day last week when I was feeling almost normal! Hopefully this will be the one.

    Looking forward to more chats and helping others over the years.

    Love and peace.

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    Oh I hope so too. Hydroxy is a mild DMARD so, if it works well for you, that's excellent news. I hope the improvement continues.