Prescription Pre-Payment Certificate

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I just figured it may be worth me warning people about the PPCs. I've had one for more years than I care to remember and it has always been renewed automatically because I pay by Direct Debit. A few weeks ago I got a letter telling me mine was running out and would need renewing. I thought that was odd so emailed them to check what was happening. There has been some technical issue at their end (which they are investigating :roll: ). This has resulted in some PPCs which, like mine, have been rolling on for many years being cancelled. I've just re-applied for a new one but I was initially going to ignore the letter warning me that my PPC was going to run out because I figured it was just an automatic thing and after all these years it wouldn't apply to me.

I know from chatting with my chemist that they are really clamping down on PPC fraud. I had an interesting tangle with them myself earlier this year when they realised there was a mismatch between my PPC name and my name recorded on scripts (I hadn't updated the card with my married name, whoops). It took three replacement cards before they managed to get the details correct - I had Mrs Maiden Name, Miss Married Name before they finally figured out, with emails and phone calls, I was Mrs Married Name. The system is a bit wonky to say the least! If you get the letter though please at least email them and check it means you. I'm glad I did because I know the fines are hefty even if they were the problem to start with... over and out, as you were, enjoying summer with joints hating it in my case :sland-shark: :hammock: :deckchair: :cheers: :bouncing-ball: :splash: :swim-shark:


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    Thank you for the warning, LV. My renewal comes through at the end of March, just before the prices rise (thanks to my mum for making that possible!) and so far so good but I will bear this in mind.

    Summer? It should be BANNED, it's a disgraceful season in the misery it carelessly inflicts on top of all the other dross with which we contend. :x DD
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    I got a reminder letter through as well and thought it was strange as I did have a DD set up. I filled in the form on line and printed off the acknowledgement in case of any problems.
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    And presumably make sure you don't get 2 direct debits going out....
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    Good warning LV but I'm of an age when I don't pay,sometimes I feel guilty because of all the things we get being of that certain age but then I think hubby and I worked all our lives to get what we have now . How are the twins ?
    Summer should only be up to a certain temp DD and children should go to school all year including week-ends.BAH HUMBUG
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    I queried it rather than re-applying because it seemed so odd after all this time. The faff with my name change meant I wasn't too confident in their admin skills and that's why I shall be checking for the DD being taken just once, rather than twice.

    The girls are well thank you Mig. Only 5 weeks and they will be starting nursery. They are super excited, me not so much. I'm going to miss them, the time has flown and I've loved our little world, it's not always been easy but I wouldn't swap a second of it, not even the days when there have been arguments and naughty behaviour!

    I know what you mean about feeling a bit guilty about prescription costs. I feel bad even though I do pay for my PPC but I figure I do contribute to the economy and it isn't as if I seek scripts I don't really need, I know some people get calpol etc for their children on prescription even if they can afford to buy it. If something is available OTC then I always choose that option.