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Hi girls and guys,

I wondered if any of you have had a wrist replacement?

After a rough time for quite a while getting my flare under control, the activity has calmed down, but I'm struggling alot with my wrists and elbow. I'm thinking of asking my Consultant about a wrist replacement at my next appointment.

I've had several other replacements, multiple hips, knees and finger joints, I've been struggling with my wrists since I was about six years old tbh, now aged 34 getting pretty fed up with the pain. They're so damaged and worn, and the RSI is also getting too much lately.

I'd be interested to hear from anyone who has experience of wrist surgery x


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    I'll be honest. I didn't even know wrists could be replaced. I looked it up here on ARUK. http://tinyurl.com/hu4c27b . It seems they can but it's not very common. Fusion seems to be more routine.

    My own wrists fused themselves. Thanks to judicious use of splints – even night splints at times – they've fused in the straight position which is, apparently, the best.

    I just can't remember how a functioning wrist works so can't give you any comparisions. I've also no idea how many of my limitations are due to the fused wrist and how many due to the exceptionally wonky, fused or just useless finger joints but, on the whole, I feel I get by quite well, certainly better than when I had non-stop pain in my wrists.

    Has anyone suggested a fusion, or just a replacement?
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    Thankyou both your replies.

    Nothing has been suggested yet, (my next Rheum appt is in August) I know a couple of people who have had wrist fusions, but I'm interested to find out if there is the possibility of a wrist replacement.
    It'd be good if I could maintain and even gain some movement.

    I live on my own, but I've been struggling more and more recently with the sheer amount of pain from my hands and wrists, especially at the end of the day.
    Last night I was forced to go to bed early again because my hands couldn't take any more, (and i have a really high pain threshold, I've had this condition since i was two.)

    I've also been thinking that perhaps one day, I may have children, although I'm already 34 and single again! All of my friends have families now and I also have very young nieces who I love to spend time with, but even with them I struggle so much with my arms and hands- my elbows and wrists particularly.

    I guess its been making me think about if it is time for surgery again possibly, to potentially improve my life slightly, particularly the pain issue.
    I'm allergic to analgesia and I think my poor hands have held on for so long-32 years of damage as my condition was never adequately controlled.
    It'd be nice to think that things could be improved a little.