Very Angry!!

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I just chased my appointment for ankle tumour for the 4th time today!! I rang my Orthopaedic Consultant who has been chasing the 'Royal Orthopaedic Hospital' for me and she said you might get more information if you ring, so she gave me the number. I called and got straight through to the Oncology department and spoke to Secretary. I gave her my NHS number and explained I'd been waiting for this appointment for over a month. She checked my details and explained their M.R.I Technicians had done there own reports on the scan. I told her they had been sent all the details on the 16th June! And then she said Oh Mr. Parry who you where supposed to see has left and your new Consultant Mr Carter is on holiday at the moment he is back in a fortnight and I will chase it up with him then!! I'm not holding my breath and this is how they treat someone with an ankle tumour I'd hate to see how they treat someone who's dying!! :x


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    Oh bubba, that is unacceptable and I am furious on your behalf. If you have the energy, I'd made a telephone call to PALS. It really isn't ok to mess you about like this, you've been through so much worry. Gentle hugs. I hope you hear soon.
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    I have both sympathy and empathy. When I had breast cancer many, many years ago, my oncology appointments kept being delayed because they were always on Mondays and, it being spring, I kept running into Bank Holidays.

    Since then, time limits have been put in place but, recently, these have been consistently missed. You will see that Lynnemarie1123 (below) is having similar problems with her rheumatology appointments. We keep hearing that the NHS is at breaking point but I don't think we really take it in until it affects us personally.

    Your problem is potentially more serious than arthritis and I'm glad you are pursuing the appointment. You seem to have hit a bad (hospital) time though. The new, imposed contracts on junior doctors come into effect in August. I'd guess this is resulting in many changes before August as the BMA has not agreed to them though the media seems to have lost interest.

    It might be that your GP or rheumatologist who referred you can pull a few strings ie get a different consultant to see you. If not I'm afraid you, like me all those years ago, will just have to play the waiting game. It's scary and stressful but I made it so you can.
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    This is such a mess and so worrying for you bubba..I do hope things get resolved very soon..if not you must keep on at them..good luck with it all.x
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    Oh Bubba,
    I don't know what to say that others haven't. It is awful being treated like that

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    Surprise, surprise still nothing!! I've had 2 secretaries chasing and still not getting anywhere! My Orthopaedics Secretary said to call today if I haven't heard anything and she will chase again and get my Ortho Consultant himself Mr Guha to make the call and put a rocket up their backside. This is making me super poorly now had a chat with my G.P and she said she's not surprised I'm stressed I'm hardly eating, not sleeping much (she said while I think I'm in a deep sleep my brain will be working away so I'm not actually in a deep sleep) waking at 4am most mornings and have had a 3 day migraine last week and a migraine yesterday. Will keep you updated on this farce!!