what a weekend .....

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Mr Turbo and me are back home after a brilliant weekend away.
Mr Turbos 70th birthday meal was a fantastic one.
To start with everyone was there even our youngest daughter who we had doubts about because of the bit of bad feeling between her and our eldest daughter and our grandchildren and my sister. that's been ongoing for about a year now youngest did make the 1st move by saying goodbye to them when she left. food was absolutely fantastic and service good loads of photos were taken and great time was had by all. I have felt so shattered today that got on train and dozed all the way home and then fell asleep for about three hrs this afternoon and I am still tired and cannot stop yawning. despite feeling like this I am one happy Bunny tonight. :lol: :cheers:


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    My weekend was quite exciting too (not for the lady though). I went down onto the beach (I live on the coast) and at the bottom of the very steep slope a lady had had a bad fall. Her family were with her and help was on its way. I settled myself to reading my book and people watching. The coastguard and paramedics arrived. they were a while attending the poor lady. Next thing the coastguard cleared everyone from that section of the beach and warned us the helicopter would be 4 minutes. Imagine families with children in the sea and all their belongings scattered around in one mad panic. But the beach finally cleared except for one couple who decided the warning wasn't for them and tried to ignore it. But they received a reprimand from the coastguard. He lit a flare and the coastguard helicopter arrived. After a while the lady was whisked away to hospital. It was the end of a family's holiday. But for everyone else on the beach mobile phones/cameras were clicking like mad. The coastguard helicopter just happened to be on its way to a RNLI event further along the coast so he was diverted and being in the area was quicker than air ambulance. Last week 2 men were rescued after a fall down the cliff. This is holiday season.
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    Carol so glad you all got together and had a good time..Happy but shattered is good... :D
    Lindamay..what a time you had..it never surprises me that people will ignore the emergency services..must have been very exciting for everyone seeing the helicopter landing..apart from the poor lady that is..hope she will be ok..we have seen so many people fall at the seaside and we dont live there.. :o
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    So pleased you had such a lovely celebration Carol - I expect, like me, you don't mind feeling shattered if you've been enjoying yourself.

    Lindamay - quite a dramatic time for you then! Such a shame for the poor lady and her family.
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    Phew! I'm so glad you made it and all went well. Even a family reconciliation. That's a great outcome.
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    Thank you all for your replies have been so weary up until today that I have not really been on line to see your comments.

    Lindamay my that was one exciting weekend for you too not very nice for the lady concerned and hoping she was not too badly injured but it is very exciting to see the helicopter come down like that.
    Barbara yes I so agree happy is good especially with all the uncertainty before the event as to if I would have to miss out on the meal.

    your right as long as I have enjoyed myself then I don't mind the being shattered or the painful payback at all its all worth it.

    well yes I was really happy I made it and made the meal despite not really being convinced I would be ok until Friday morning when I had mr Turbo check the shingles all over to make sure there was no weeping and every thing was dry. :oops: what am I like. and well as far as the disagreement goes I'm not to sure it was a complete reconciliation as although she sat next to my sister and spoke to her a bit all she really said to her sister and nieces and nephew was goodbye at least the move was made and they all replied with a good bye at least there was no arguments or anything said to cause it. I had said all along to them all that if anyone caused any problem then I would kick them out of the meal as I was not going to have it spoilt for their dad or granddad . and all did as they had promised. and they all knew that I would do it too and it was best not to go against what Mum/Nan had said or they would soon know about it. ha ha that's me i'm afraid. and all have said they had a great evening and Mr Turbo had some great presents some even hand made. and also some very unique one like the mug my granddaughter had printed from her little one and unborn one it said happy 70th birthday great granddad on one side and a scan picture of unborn baby printed on the other. wow have just looked at how long this post is.