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I've just got an email, from a - presumably, judging by the name, though I just deleted it without opening it - internet greetings card company which I have never used. The header informed me that tomorrow is my son's birthday.

Well, no, it's not. I think I can state that with some accuracy as I happened to be present at his birth having carted him around internally for the previous nine months.

It is, however, his son's birthday. Their christian names are totally dissimilar.

It's a funny old world.
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    How odd..but it goes to show how they can get hold of our emails..I get emails form people that are on my list..and have to be very careful not to open them unless sure..I have changed my password many times.. :roll:
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    I often get birthday/ Christmas email cards from my Aunty in Canada. They are pretty harmless and you click on the card and it plays a tune with an accompanying image and a message from the sender.

    It could possibly be a relative getting the names muddled up?

    No harm being on the safe side though. (Jackie Lawson cards I think the company are called).

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