Meningitis ACWY vaccination ok if taking methotrexate?

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My 18 year old daughter has a 17.5mg Methotrexate injection weekly for her JIA.
Is it ok for her to have the Meningitis ACWY Vaccination?


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    Hi iluvhobbits,

    Thank you for your message about the Men ACWY vaccine.

    We know that whilst on Methotrexate, live vaccines should be avoided. The Men ACWY is an inactive vaccination, but although things are okay on that front, the manufacturer have advised that people on immunosuppressant medication may not produce an adequate immune response to it.

    As we aren't medically trained on the helpline, we would suggest getting further advice from your daughter's GP or rheumatologist.

    I hope this helps,

    Emma-Jane (Helplines)