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Wednesday mornings I go with friends to Salvation Army. It is basically similar to an over-sixties but there are some younger people who go to. We play Scrabble to keep the old grey matter working. You can also join in other board games, play pool, table tennis, or on the Wii. We pay all of £1.00 and put coins in a dish for a drink and biscuits. Whenever it is someone birthday they always receive a card and everyone sings to them. Once a month all the birthdays that month share a cake and nibbles. The Salvation Army organise outings and a week's holiday. I cannot praise them enough. This is only one group they do. Others are specifically aimed for young people and a solo group. They work so hard for everyone.


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    That's great to hear Lindamay.

    When I was a social worker we had groups for younger people, (I mean adults), on a similar line, but sadly with the cuts they had to go :(

    I hope you keep on supporting your group :)


    Toni xx

    Toni xxx
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    lindamay most of my past family were members of the salvation army..I am embarrassed to say I dont go, but we do donate to them..like you say they work so hard for others..glad you enjoy it... :D x
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    That sounds wonderful. Two of my dad's sisters and their husbands were all in the Salvation Army. They do some amazing work.
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    At Christmas they give us a party and put on a "mini show". They give us the best medicine........a good laugh.
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    It's to their credit that they continue to hold such life-enhancing events. I know that, with Health and Safety rules and CRB checks, there are far more demands now for anyone doing such work.
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    The Salvation Army is a very under-rated and generally un-supported organisation, probably because they are so modest about what they quietly achieve for so many people. There is good in this world as the actions of their members prove. DD
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