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Thank you, pocket dwellers. I felt your presence. I'm sorry that an inexplicably long traffic jam meant we sat in the car for 5 hours :shock: and missed dinner. Sandwiches whilst sitting in bed in the B&B wasn't the plan. I hope that the fancy cooked breakfast the following morning made up for it. I'm not able to eat in the mornings but I enjoyed the car snacks later.

The surgeon put me at ease instantly. He knew every answer to every question and didn't miss a beat. I do need a jaw replacement and there's no other option as my joint is collapsing on both sides. I could potentially have another keyhole procedure to wash the joint out but it would only give temporary pain relief. A steroid injection is an option but there are risks associated with injecting steroids into a collapsing joint. Neither will address the underlying disease and it is only going to prolong the inevitable.

I am going to have the replacement while I am well enough to undergo such a big operation. The anaesthesia is complex and I don't think it's sensible to delay when my other health issues seem to be slowly getting worse. There's also a chance that if I delay, the joint will completely fuse which make things more complex, as well as very distressing for me. It's not a quick process either.

The next step is to be referred to a dermatologist for metal allergy testing. I will have to travel again for a specialist CT scan. He then will send the scans to the US where they will build the custom made prosthetic joints. If my insurance will cover me, I will have it privately. If not, I am looking at a longer wait as it will take some time to request NHS funding. It will be the same surgeon and the same hospital. I don't have any preference as to whether I go privately or not. I don't know if I mind waiting a bit longer anyway. I am very anxious. I'm not too anxious about the surgery but I am worried about the weeks at home afterwards.

I know I have rambled, I am just trying to work it all out in my mind.

Thanks for listening and for always being there for me.


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    Hi Starburst
    I am glad that you seem to have found a good surgeon who had the knowledge to answer your questions. I hope that you get the information you need soon regarding the insurance so that you know what sort of timeframes you are looking at before your surgery.
    And then you will be able to plan for when you have it and care after wards.
    Good luck with it all x
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    That's a lot to work out and where else would we be? ((( ))) DD
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    Maybe I'm a bit odd (Shut up you lot at the back :wink: ) but I find an 'inevitable' op much easier to deal with mentally. Having a choice can be a bit scary.

    It is, however, a very big thing but, Sophie, you are a very 'big' person as far as mental and emotional strength go. You will deal with this. I have no doubt about that.

    Yes, many measures will need to be put in place but you will deal with them, too. And, should you wobble, we'll be right here surrounding you to prevent a fall.

    ((( )))
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    I'm glad the consultant was so understanding and helpful, I think I agree with Sticky that sometimes it is easier to be told what needs to be done. It is a huge thing, and I hope things go as quickly and as smoothly as possible in terms of the preliminaries and then getting a date, I think that once you know what has to be done, especially with something like this it can be a case of the sooner the better.

    You are amazing.
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