New here, wanted to say hi :-)

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Hi everyone, just to introduce myself I have had RA for about 12 years now and in the past its been controlled quite well with it going into remission for about 18 months at a time after a flare just by knee infusions and steroids until now :-(

I will put another post in the appropriate place for some advice.



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    Hi kristoff,

    Good to meet you, I'm really glad you have been able to have periods of remission :P .

    Looking forward to seeing you post around the forum, dip in wherever you feel inspired!

    Take care
    Mod Yvonne x
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    Hi, I've replied to you on the other board not realising you were here too - apologies! DD
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    Hi there, kris, and welcome aboard. I, too, have RA but I've had it for many years, some good, some bad, some indifferent. We're a friendly lot on here so I hope you'll enjoy being with us. We'll try to answer any questions you may have.
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