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hi everyone
had gout 9 years ago and seems to come back now and again
but also get back pain where i feel lousy
and get flare ups of pain in my wrist and fingers
arthritis is in the family tried to battle it over the years with ibroprofen but hard work
should go to the doctors really
any advice would be appreciated


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    Hello, my husband has a bout of gout every now and again for which he takes naproxen, an anti-inflammatory medication which sorts him out. It is an auto-immune inflammatory condition as are various forms of arthritis so it might be that you are now developing one of those too. You say that arthritis runs in the family, do you know what kind? We cannot tell you what is going on but yes, you should make an appointment with your GP ASAP and chat things over with him, blood tests are the initial step that he can take to establish what might be going on and ibuprophen may no longer be enough to bring things under proper control. Please let us know how you get on. DD
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    Hello Paul and welcome to the forum
    There is lots of info on here is you do a search ..the blue button at the top of the forum, but I would definitely have a word with your GP and get some xrays done..then at least you know what you are up against..good luck and i hope to see your name around the forum..