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I am glad I found this forum. Not formally diagnosed but I may have osteoarthritis or RA in hands the wrist and knuckle area. I am 41 male from the US. My recent test came back negative for RA but the ESR marker? Was slightly elevated. Have appointment with RA Specialist and an orthopedist in next few weeks.
May have been caused by boxing hitting heavy bag. Interested in any advice here

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    Hi Speeder009,

    Welcome to the forum. We don't often get members from the USA - it might mean some slight difficulties with names of medication names but we have got round these in the past :P

    If you need help with the forum send us a message and we will help.

    Take care
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    Welcome to the UK :wink: . I'm sorry that you may be facing either OA or RA. OA often results after joint trauma whereas RA has a different cause, namely one's immune system going into overdrive leading the body to attack itself. It's one of the many auto-immune inflammatory conditions and needs different treatment to OA. Your bloods may not have shown a positive factor (neither did mine) but because my ESR and CRP (measures of inflammation) were in the 100s it was recognised that I had some form of auto-immune arthritis.

    Diagnosis can take some time, we have a very different healthcare system over here so I'm not sure how it's going to work out for you. Please keep us updated and we will do our best to answer any questions you might have. I wish you well. DD
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    Hello speeder009 and a warm welcome from me..I have OA with suspected something else with negative bloods and slightly raised markers so you are not on your own..I do hope you stay with us we are a friendly lots and like to support one another ..has for boxing my OH has OA in his hands cause by sport ie martial arts :roll: ..hope to see your name around the forum..