Update on Appointment mess!!!

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Well at last, my orthopaedic Secretary has just come off talking to the Orthopaedic hospital and the Oncology Secretary had said 'we haven't received the biopsy results yet' And Emma the Ortho Secretary explained I haven't even got to that stage! And now discovered there had been a confusion in communication. So they are rushing out an appointment for me now and I should get a letter tomorrow, fingers crossed!!


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    All got our fingers crossed here bubbadog
    Best Wishes
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    Nothing worse when theres a appointment mix, case of one department not knowing what the other is doing.
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    Hope you get the appointment tomorrow, Bubba and you don't have to wait too long.

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    I am so sorry that they have messed up so badly and hope that you get that appointment soon. May be worth a short letter to the hospital Chief Executive. I did this once after a twelve month delay for an appointment as Pals made the right noises but did nothing. I received an immediate response and then had very good and rapid treatment.

    Totally understand the stress this has put you under. I hope you get a resolution soon.

    Good luck and thinking of you. x