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According to the ads on Channel 5 their Christmas season officially starts on Sunday (which is bad enough) but, because they are so overcome with seasonal good will and happiness, their regular viewers are being rewarded today with a Christmas treat. I mean regular as in habitual, not as a measure of volume.

I know this because my arthritic fingers were bobbling around his late Ma's TV remote. Our telly went phut so he installed hers as a temporary stop-gap (that was around two months ago). This set pre-dates our deceased version by at least six years so the remote is the size of your average semi-detached. :wink: Various buttons are labelled but in small letters, in the equivalent of Tippex, so they too have worn away by clumsy fingers.

I wish UK-based Channel 5 viewers a very Happy Christmas! :cheers: DD
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    DD they are bring Christmas forward more and more every year ..its such a shame ruins it...hope you get your new TV soon..we bought a Sams*ng off John Le*is..and we are so pleased with it..the kind sales man warmed us off the 4K for now and he was right according to one of our friends that has I'm rambling time to go.. :)
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    DD, I only buy electrical items from the previously mentioned source as they give 2 years warranty on such goods as standard.

    My local garden centre had Christmas Trees on display at the end of July. Ludicrous! I shuddered as I walked past these.

    I've always thought the annual Christmas madness started far too early, but this year I'm desperately trying to find ways of avoiding all mention of it. I intend to stock up on DVD's to watch on 25th December as I certainly won't be celebrating this year, under the circumstances.

    I'd like to wish you all a Happy, Prosperous and as healthy as possible 2017.

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