The update on my naughty thread.

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This morning I trooped off to rheumatology around 80 minutes before my appointment to guarantee a BB space. (The things we have to do to make our lives easier. :roll: ) The plan worked so I was able to spend a little while in a well-known coffee chain sipping a medium latte (acting as breakfast) and reading the paper; I also bought a bottle of fizzy water (having forgotten to bring a bottle of flat from home).

On arriving at the unit I was called in to have my weight and BP checked - former unchanged whereas the latter was slightly raised, probably thanks to the latte (I won't do that again). I then opened my bottle of water and it went everywhere, over me, the chair, my Kindle and the floor (totes forgot that luzzing a bottle of fizzy water into a handbag which then bounces around as you walk about will, of course, fire it up). Luckily the handbag was a cloth one so I used it to mop up the surrounds, thinking I would dry naturally. A rather bedraggled yours truly was then called into her appointment: 'Hot flush?' asked the nurse. ' 'Yup,' I replied. :wink:

We checked my bloods (all gorgeous) and I then announced I had a confession to make. The conversation went as follows:

Her. 'Oh not another one, you're my third this morning.'

Me. 'Really? Dealing with possibly naughty patients can't be easy, especially on a Monday.'

Her. 'Go on then, what have you done?'

Me. 'I've stopped taking my sulphasalazine and, as a result, I feel much better in myself. I have more energy, a little more oomph, and I'm enjoying life more.'

Her. 'Is that it? I thought you said confession.'

I immediately wondered what the other two had been doing. :wink:

I'll admit I was somewhat disappointed by the lack of drama in her response but she was pleased to hear that I am feeling better within. She said that sometimes they prescribe out of habit (just as we take the meds out of habit) because they don't necessarily get the patient feedback they need; it may not be helping much but it's not doing any harm so the roundabout continues. I did, however, receive a ticking off for not taking the FA. That's a longer (and, believe it or not, far more boring story :) ) so we will gloss over that and I will start it.

She will write to my GP explaining that I am no longer taking sulph. I have two full bottles in hand but she said that if I feel the need to resume it I can go straight back in at 6 tablets per day. Hmmmm. I think not. I withdrew gradually and I'll reintroduce it gradually, just to be on the safe side.

After years of briefly feeling better then not feeling better for far longer I assume that this is not going to last; as a result I am not enjoying it as much as I could to prevent the mood plunge when I'm proved right. Hopefully I won't be but let's see, yes? DD
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    Hmmm, an interesting appointment, DD. I'm very pleased your rheumy nurse didn't put you on the naughty step - maybe the previous confessions she'd heard were so bad that she decided to treat yours as less than a misdemeanour.

    I hope your present state of having more ' oomph ' lasts a long time - in any case, enjoy it while you have it.
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    I can't imagine anyone having the audacity and temerity of even considering putting our DD on the naughty step!

    You know your body better than anyone else DD. I say go for it. All of us on here know you are more than sensible enough to be able to assess what is right (or wrong) for you and we know you'll make the right decisions for you at the right times.

    I hope your new regime lasts as long as it can.

    With regards to the BB parking I have to play that game as well, but I think we all do to be honest. Your description re the water fountain made me smile as I can imagine that sort of thing happening to me. The only difference is you'll have looked glamorous throughout!

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    dreamdaisy wrote:
    I then announced I had a confession to make. The conversation went as follows:

    Her. 'Oh not another one, you're my third this morning.'

    I'm still wondering what the other confessions were :shock: I'd never actually seen the rheumatology department as a confessional box before. I wonder what penances they dish out.

    As for you, young DD, common sense has indeed prevailed and well done you. This is how it's supposed to work – us, our consultants, GPs and nurses combining in our best interests and, yes, sometimes with us being the pro-active ones.

    Now, about that sweet Folic Acid.......
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    Thank you everyone, I appreciate your replies. I am fortunate in that I have had a good relationship with my consultants and nurses, I've been going there for fourteen years so there's been plenty of time to build it. :roll:

    I'm waiting for my masseuse to arrive - she's also going to cut my hair so that's two stones sorted by one bird. :wink:
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben