Bad day for a power cut

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There I was - 1pm today. Trying to eat some lunch with two fans blowing on me in 31 degrees external heat. All of a sudden the fans stop, the TV goes off. :too-hot:

When I checked the fuse board that was all okay and then I realised the fridge wasn't humming any more. Oh blimey - a flaming power cut.

Within minutes the heat was cranking up despite my shutting windows, pulling blinds and curtains over. I checked with the emergency number I have re power cuts to be told it was an issue with an underground cable, 230 properties were affected, engineers were on their way and supply would be reconnected asap but no later than 3.30pm.

I went out as I had couple of calls to make (my car has air con in it thankfully!). Second call was to get petrol as I'm off to my friends tomorrow in Cambridgeshire for a couple of days. T**co were shut (do hope their profits won't have been impacted too much by this)! The power cut had affected them as well. So I went over to the other side of town to get to the other branch, filled up and got two bottles of a chilled fizzy drink starting with "C" (the diet version naturally).

Got back home about 2.30pm and the power was back thankfully but I enjoyed my cold drinks nevertheless.

Bad timing though on the part of that cable - in the middle of a heatwave when I, like a lot of people here, were dripping and desperately trying (and failing) to keep cool with the aid of fans - which needed electric. Excellent service though from the engineers to get power restored so quickly.

Turn a negative into a positive!


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    Ooooooh nasty, bad timing indeed. I suppose these things can happen at any time - it would have been equally bad in the depths of winter but for a different reason! The engineers were prompt, weren't they? I hope you have a safe journey and enjoy your time away. DD
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    Blimey that's not great Grace.

    I bet you were glad you needed fuel, (my eldest went off to Cambridgeshire yesterday :) ), air-con in cars is so wonderful in the heat.

    You are right too DD winter would have been as bad for different reasons.

    Some folks have medical apparatus which needs electricity. I imagine and hope they have battery back-up though.

    Safe journey down to Cambridge and have a good weekend.


    Toni xxx
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    Not nice at all Grace..I have this vision of you sitting in the car with the AC and the radio just chilling out...glad it was back on when you get home..