Update On Cervical Disc

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I saw a second spinal surgeon yesterday to get an opinion on my disc replacement.

The disc has moved - quite a lot and I also have quite a lot of inflammation around the nerves in my neck. There is a possibility that the pain could settle once the disc settles a bit but he said that this could take a long time but is likely to never happen.

To me the disc feels very unstable as the simplest thing sets of nasty pain and worsening neurological symptoms.

Anyway the surgeon recommends that I have the disc removed and my neck fused. He has a high regard for the spinal surgeons at my local hospital although the removal of the disc may be a two surgeon job as it is complex.

I have contacted my surgeon to see if I can get on the waiting list sooner rather than later but I think it will be Christmas now before I have recovered from the second surgery. I just want it done now so that I can get on with my life a bit more.

So that is my update. I'll let you know when I have a date.


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    Oh rayray this must be an awful feeling, no wonder you are in so much pain, I do hope you get that appointment very soon and whatever they do will bring you some relief..yes please let us know when you get a date then we can be there for you..x
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    So sorry to hear this. Practice varies a bit but after my fusion I had a collar which I had to wear all the time except when lying down for about 7 weeks. My neck was then very stiff so it was about another 6 weeks until physio was starting to have some effect before I felt confident to drive.
    Hope you get a date soon.
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    Not an easy decision by any means but I hope things improve for you, rayray, whatever the process.
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    Thank you so much for your support and replies.

    Slosh it is so helpful to read your comments as you have been through this.

    I was advised before the replacement that if they had to fuse instead that I would be in a collar for about six weeks. I am of course not sure if that still applies as I don't really know the cause of the prolapse of the artificial disc. My local surgeon said I could wear the collar permanently now as my neck is unstable. I don't as I am trying to keep the muscles strong plus it is incredibly hot to wear (and I'm at that 'hot' time of life!) but do have to wear it for several hours on many days as the pain is intense and it often goes completely weak and I am unable to support my head at all without it.

    So looking forward to having this resolved and being able to do normal things.

    Thanks again for your messages.
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    I'm in a similar position with my neck and lower spine.

    How much movement from turning do you get after a fusion?
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    It depends on how many discs you have fused and their position. I can't fully turn my head to the side i.e. to look in line with my shoulder, and on a bad day it can be less.
    I have reverse sensors on my car but looking round when changing lanes etc demands extra use of mirrors and physically turning round and although I live in London I wouldn't be confident driving in central London.

    Not being able to look round can be frustrating e.g. when someone behind you says "Hello ", or just when talking to someone sitting next to you.

    I now have OA in my lower back as well and wonder how much of this is due to the extra twisting at the waist.

    I also have to do my physio exercises for my neck daily, sometimes more often.