Axial spondyloarthritis, oesteoarthritis, golimumab

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Hi all

Happy bank holiday weekend.

I've visited the rheumatology nurse today ( first time in 9 years)
Loved that I could ask her anything.
Discussed my condition and she explained that it was immune system in overdrive which attacked my spine and pelvis (axial) and caused other inflammation arthritis in other joints - mainly my thumb at the moment and now my knees have joined in the party!

She also said I had oesteoarthritis which is why I always feel worse on a evening and the pain is intense.

Going back next week for bloods and chest X-rays ( screening) and then the process of self injecting starts - a company will come out to me install sharps box and train me again in injecting myself. - I have a phobia of needles which should be fun! - however the pen thing doesn't look needle like so I have hope.

I've to inject golimumab on the same date every month. - bloods of course to follow.

Side effects are pretty grim - but they always are arent they?

I guess I'm feeling hopeful that they'll alter my world. I've struggled so much lately and I know I should feel greatful I'm offered a different medication path. But I am scared and apprehensive at the same time.

I know I need to adjust my lifestyle, but struggling with it somewhat.

Xxx Lynne X


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    Many people find it easier to talk to nurse practitioners than to consultants so, if you've now got to grips with your autoimmune arthritis, that's a very profitable appointment.

    Many people on here take / have taken golimumab. I hope it works for you and they'll be along soon to encourage you.

    If you want more tips on how to cope, Arthritis Care have some good ones here
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