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Hello I am a carer & am really struggling,My Husband is also Disabled with Chronic on going Osteo-arthritis, of hips , knees & neck. Hes also deaf & severely sighted.Last year I had a Hip replacement at the Nuffield Hospital in woking, But to be honest I really wish I hadnt as I am in pain and I know in time the other hip & knees will need doing.But my problem is recovery I am not allowed by our social services to be ill for more than 4 weeks in any one year. I am on Rose hip caps, and terrmaric caps . Some times I take the odd painkillers. But am scared of Hospitals and ulcers. I am having reflexology as much as I can. I am so so stiff as well. Can any one on this board suggest a muscle relax capsule?I hate tablets!! I suffer from tension.Sorry to moan but I would be grateful . Thank-you regards Amanda h :cheers:


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    Just a bit of annidotal evidence, I have a number of reflexology sessions, I found it a very powerful treatment, at the time, feeling very washed out afterwards. Maybe a rest from treatnent might help?

    As for pain, heat from a wheatbag, a hot bath, a rub on painkiller alongside your ysual painkiller etc etc.
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    Hello 18amandah I remember you very well, has I had gone through one THR and was waiting for the other, I really do feel for you being a carers and not getting the help you need...I think you should shout out loud about some more help, it is there but you have to be heard..
    Has for any relaxing meds I have pregabalin , it is for nerve pain and does relax me sometimes more than I want..but you do get used to it after a few days..I agree with Airwave I think you need some well earned rest..not easy I know...
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    Hi Amanda,
    It sounds like you may not be getting enough help from social services? You should be entitled to carers coming round to help your husband with getting up, washed and dressed at least and maybe a bedtime visit as well because it sounds like doing this aspect of caring would be very difficult and painful for you. Apart from this you are obviously there and helping with the many other aspects for more than 30 hours a week, so you should still
    be able to get carers allowance if you had carers visiting.

    If you haven't got care visits for your husband then I would see your GP and ask them to write a letter to SS in your support, also if you have a carers support organisation in your area you could get some advice from them on how to get more help with the caring. Lowering the physical workload should certainly help with the pain and stress you are suffering at the mo I'm thinking
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    Hi Amanda its me again as I managed to find a link to Woking Carers Support its


    They should be able to give you some advice on how to get extra help with caring and tell you about the care allowance situation

    I hope you can get something sorted and also find some ways of dealing with your pain.
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    You are going through it again, aren't you? The rose hip and turmeric will not slow the progression of the OA and may offer only a little easing of the pain. If your pain was under better control do you think this might help you to feel better in yourself? I routinely take two 30/500 cocodamol per day, this removes enough of an edge so I can get on with the daily basics of cooking, cleaning and laundry. Pain relief is a necessary weapon in our armoury; it is not a luxury, it's an essential but will not work effectively if it's taken only occasionally. DD
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    I agree with DD about the pain relief, and really think you need to see your GP and get some effective pain relief in place, that will help you feel better. I also wonder if you get any respite care for your husband, or if there are any day centres he could attend without you? It would give him a change of scene and you some valuable time for yourself. It might also be worth contacting RNIB, charities for the hearing impaired /deaf and also SENSE which supports the deaf-blind.

    It really sounds as though you need something more than rose hip and turmeric now.