Oncologist appointment

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Well after a very long wait and being super stressed my OH & I went to the Orthopaedic hospital yesterday, wow is that place hi-tec!! After waiting over an hour my name came on the screen and we where summoned to another waiting area. When I was eventually called in we where met by this lovely gentleman who made us both at ease straight away. He made a joke about my extensive medical history and my OH told him about one of my consultants calling me an enigma! Then he pulled up the scans, what he said next made my jaw hit the floor! What I have is an Enchondroma, it's a cartilage tumour that is very rare in someone my age, it's actually 1 in 100 people rare! As long as it's under 5cm it's benign over 5cm is more likely to be malignant my tumour is a whopping 1cm. They are going to keep an eye on it with regular M.R.I scans. So that's a huge relief and I can relax for 5mins as I'm in the middle of arranging my Orthopaedic appointment re:- big toe fusion!!


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    Hi bubba that is a mixed appointment..so glad they will be keeping an eye on it, and now hopefully you can relax a little..its been a long time coming ..x
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    Excellent news :D I'm very pleased for you.

    If they don't worry about anything less than 5cms and yours is only 1cm then I reckon all will be well. Especially as they're keeping an eye on it :cheers:
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    That's wonderful news, you must feel so relieved, but tired too now all the worry is over. Hope you're having something nice to celebrate the good news with.
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    So pleased that the tumour is only 1cm and that it's going to be monitored. You must be so relieved. Hope the ortho appointment goes well.

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    So pleased for you Bubba - you must be mightily relieved, especially knowing you will be well monitored.
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    Great news Bubba
    Only a 1cm one.......just a little titchy thing :lol: I'm sure you didn't think so while you were going through all the waiting

    It is good news and they will be keeping an eye on it.

    Good luck with the big toe fusion

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    Oh bubba, I am relieved for you. What a worry it has been and it's just a shame that it's been such a long wait. I'm glad they're keeping an eye on you.

    Best of luck with the toe fusion. You can't seem to catch a break at the moment, eh?

    Take care of yourself.