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Hi has anyone heard of reactive arthritis being treated with synthetic oxytocin? Just wondered as I know breast feeding mums often lose all RE effects whilst breast feeding due to the oxytocin.


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    Are you sure you mean oxytocin? It's a hormone which is used to make the uterus contract to start labour when induced birth is necessary.

    I've never heard of breast feeding helping with symptoms of arthritis though my own RA cleared up completely during my first pregnancy. Far from breast feeding helping, though, I had to stop breast feeding to go back on my meds as the flare was horrible. There was no respite during my second pregnancy and my second son only really got the colostrum as I'd to resume meds very quickly.Breast feeding did nothing for me.
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    I wonder if you meant oxycodone? DD
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    With my old breastfeeding counsellor's hat on: oxytocin is also released during breastfeeding to 'let down' the milk when the baby suckles.

    I'm afraid I haven't heard of it being used as a treatment for RA, though. Sorry.