How do you use anti-inflammatory gel?

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Does anybody else use anti-inflammatory gel for pain? I've been prescribed some Feldene gel which has Piroxicam as the active ingredient but I'm not sure how best to use it. It says to use it 3-4 times a day but I wondered whether to just use it when the pain is bad, what do you think? Or does it need to build up?

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    hi Rach , I suffer with Asthma & cant take the anti-inflammatories tablets but I do use Voltoral Gel twice a day which find is enough , just put it on joints that are playing up ,
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    Initially rub a small amount into the affected area/s (I was told around the dimensions of a 20p) the instructions say. You may find that in a few days time you can reduce the number of applications to keep things topped-up: little-and-often is more effective than a few dollops every now and again. DD
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    Thanks, I'll do that then :)
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    Sorry I wont be much help, I haven't heard of that one..but I do hope it brings you some relief..please keep us updated...