On Bed rest!

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Hi Guys, Started getting pain in my left knee on Sunday everytime I tried to put weight on it. Woke up Monday to find it had swollen to the size of a grapefruit and very painful and I was very fatigued as well. Spoke to my G.P who said it sounds like your knee has flared up and you know from previous times it's bed rest and see how it goes. So taking Oro-morph at night for pain and been on bed rest since yesterday. It's come at the worst time as well as I had appointments this week which I've had to re-arrange and just hope I can get them done and results are done in time for my Rhummy & Orthopaedic appointments in couple of weeks.


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    What a pain, Bubba, literally and metaphorically!

    I hope everything works out well for your Rheumy and Ortho appointment. Take care and keep resting that knee. Hope it soon improves.

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    Sorry to hear your knee's playing up. With rest, elevation and, maybe, ice, I hope it reduces in time for next week.
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