Newly Diagnosed with Arthritis

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Hi newby here. Since I have just been recently diagnosed with Arthitis after suffering months of pain (left knee and right knee with the on start of pain). I have had to give up some of my activities that I so enjoy at the moment - riding my horse, Zumba and swimming. The annoying thing is that I could run a little, walk everywhere as now it takes me longer to walk so reliant on the bus services and my Chauffer (husband). currently going to physio every week such a lovely group of nursing staff and they have suggested at some point hydrotherapy too. As for work, I am expected to continue keeping up with the work to which I am struggling with btw I am in a very good union, they have no light duties so we shall see what happens there. Their philosophy on this is 'you have arthritis like with millions of others deal with it' so no support there then!!!! Feel so let down with them as a major corporate company and so frustrating. I have pain every day and tried very sort of cream to rub in, pain killers have little effect due to other medication that I have to take so limited on the dosage. Everyday is a struggle but have support from my close family and some wonderful friends so to take my mind of the things my hubby bought me a fantastic camera as I love photography too so I can tootle out to take piccies. I can get very angry and frustrated with the pain I am in as everything is so slower for me now sorry for ranting on.



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    Hi Debbie & welcome to the Arthritis Care forums.

    No need to apologise for a "rant" as this is a great place to come and unload all the things that are bothering you to people who really *do* understand :D

    Do read around the different threads and join in the conversations. I look forward to reading you posting on the forums.

    All best wishes
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    Hi Debbie. I'm sorry to hear you have qualified for our forum. Arthritis is a tough diagnosis to get ones head round at first especially if you are used to being very active.

    I'm assuming yours is osteo as I t hink, otherwise, you'd be writing of rheumatology visits DMARDS and all the other things that go with an autoimmune form of arthritis.

    I can understand that some activities will be difficult right now but I'm surprised that swimming is out as usually it's recommended,along with cycling - basically anything that doesn't stress the joints. I think you'll love hydro though. Most people do. And the physio should help a lot.

    I'm not at all clued up on working matters but your union should be able to h elp. How about Occupational Health? I don't think your work can just wash their hands of any responsibility. Have a read here .

    Getting angry at the pain is a perfectly rational reaction. I still get angry with it at times and I've had 55 years of practice at dealing with my RA :lol: Please join us on the other forums where more people look in. It can be good to be with people who just get the picture without long explanations.
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    Hi Debbie

    Welcome to the forums from me too.

    I am sorry to hear you are suffering so much at the moment. I very much hope that with time a treatment plan will get your pain under some sort of control.

    It is good to read that your husband is being great ; chauffeur duties and thinking of the camera for you - what a lovely thoughtful gift :)

    The other good thing is that you have found us lot. Lots of experience here and support as well as the chance to have a moan and even some laughs I hope.


    Toni xxx
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    Hi Debbie

    A big welcome from me.

    Im too am living (well, trying) with Osteoarthirtis, only been living it with now for just under 3 years, so I know where your coming from, as for me it was a massive shock, what with me been only 33 at the time of my diagnosis.

    Can also sympathise with your experience from your employer, as my emplyer has been dragging their feet, and only have just got a medical assesment via Occupational Health. At times it has felt like im talking to a brick wall.

    As Sticky said, its best to chekc your employment rights, OA is covered under the 2010 Equality Act (, so your employer has no right to ignore their responsibilites. Best talk to your union rep, or Citizens Advice if your unsure.

    Finally, theres nothing wrong with a good rant and rave, we all understand what your going through, and it does feel good to have a rant.
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    Hello Debbie..and a warm welcome from me
    I do hope you can the help you need at work, I see the mods have put links on for you..what a lovely supportive hubby you have, and the camera will be a good distraction ..and like frogmorton says you have us lot to talk to.. :)