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Just had my annual review and my methotrexate dose has been reduced once again.Now down to 7.5mgs/wk. I was given the choice of staying at 10mgs or reducing to the lower dose,it was up to me to decide. I had the same choice to make three or four years ago when I chose to stay on a higher dose as I felt since it was early days and methotrexate was working there was no need to change. It just shows that things can get better however depressed we may feel at times.


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    Great news, Pot80, and thanks for sharing it. At the second attempt, I managed to reduce my meth dose, too, from 15mgs to 12.5mgs last time I saw my rheumatologist. Originally, many years ago, I was on 22.5mgs so,yes, these things can happen and it's good to let others know.
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    Great news,long may it last. Mig
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    That's wonderful news.
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    Good news, it must be a real boost for you.
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    That's fantastic. My daughter was on 7.5 when she was only 2 half years old

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