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Hi all

I just found out on friday i have RA..thats about as much as i know just now...

Why is it when you inform other people..its all doom and gloom..i know it can be bad..but i really dont need horror stories right now! :0(

Thankfully i have one ex collegue who has contacted me to let me know she had lived with it for 20 years..and that is possible to manage.. especially as we think i have been diagnosed early (well.. hoping so!)

I know each person is different..and im assuming there are different degrees of severity...but just feel a bit lost and need some reassurance as im a natural worrier so im feeling totally overwhelemed and very tearful! :0(


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    Hello 5hellsbells and welcome to the forum..
    They always say try and be in the company of positive people, there are many people on here that have lived with RA, of course there will be ups and downs..but you stay positive..and you have us lot to talk to...
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    Thanks Barbara..

    I know i have a long road ahead of me.. and it wont be easy..but just as i tell myself all the positives.. pain is being managed..i have apps for docs and rheumy..i know people who manage to live a "normal" life with this i get something like

    "Omg..youll need injections in your joints"


    "Just wait till winter...youll be in agony"

    And its not helping the emotional.rollercoaster im on x

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    Hi Shellsbells

    It's quite understandable that being diagnosed with arthritis can be a horrible shock and very worrying.

    I see that Ellen pointed you in the direction of advice on drugs when welcoming you to the forum. The AC website has lots of other very useful advice in its Resources section, including one on Coping with Emotions.

    Here's the link for the entire section (alphabetical order) - just scroll down to find the link to the relevant download.


    All best wishes
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    Hi, Firstly take one day at a time.

    I have OA and have had this since I was 39 - I'm now 51. So I've a little experience of living with arthritis.

    Look up "The Spoon Theory" and "There's a Gorilla in the House" - either could possibly help people around you to understand. Sadly with arthritis, you soon find out who your true friends are. I always say it's quality and not quantity that matters!

    On this Forum here you've been enveloped into a Family of people who will understand you'll have good (and bad) days. We'll all do our best to help you as you - in time - will be able to help those who join after you.

    Personally I don't have "problems" - I have 'challenges'. In the word "disability" there's the word 'abiity". In the word "disabled" there's the word "able".

    There's always a positive to be found through most things and I suspect that once you've come to grips with your new way of life, you'll pick yourself up and will decide that although RA is now part of your life - unwelcome though it is - it's not all of your life.

    In the meantime, keep reading through the forum and post when you need to. We are all here for you - don't forget that.

    In the meantime, take care of yourself.
    Turn a negative into a positive!