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I had my left hip replaced in 2008 (nightmare of an event it was too!) then I had right hip done in 2010. Two years ago I was diagnosed with metal on metal poisoning and in february I had my left hip revised and am due to have the right one done after Christmas. My problem is I am plagued by a smell (apparently common with MOM issues) it's driving me crazy - burnt toast. I know hilarious right? However, it is there ALL THE TIME and is making my physically sick. GP no help. Consultant no help so I'm appealing to you guys to please offer suggestions how I can help myself until I get the hip removed. I beg you ! :splash:


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    Hi Tinlady
    Welcome to the forum you will find everyone is friendly and helpful and will give you much support.
    So just pick a forum and start chatting.
    All the best
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    Oh you poor thing! That's awful. I would hate that too.

    I have only a few, probably feeble, suggestions to make. The first is to spray a strong, (nice), smell in the air I myself would try lavender.

    Christmas seems such a long way away when your are feeling so queasy. Would your hip consultant consider offering you a cancellation if one came up sooner too?

    In the meantime would your GP let you try some anti-sickness medication - might be worth a try??? I have no idea whether it's available in such situations.

    Sending ((()))

    Toni xxx
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    That sounds very unpleasant and all the more so for it being a source of amusement to others.

    I can only suggest what I've always regarded as the best answer to pain ie distraction. The more we concentrate on such nasties the more we feel them. Can you fill the house, and yourself, with better smells? I wonder if – when you're alone at least – a workman's filter mask might help.

    We have had one or two people on here who had those defective THRs but I don't recall anyone with a smell problem. How horrible! I bet you can't get that other revision op quickly enough. Has it helped with the first one ie is the smell less strong?