Bit of a mixed bag!

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I've been AWOL for a while, reading but not posting, but having been able to help Mig a little it's probably time to get back on board properly.

My various ailments have been rather getting on top of me lately, RA is so very relentless isn't it :oops:. I've been having major pain issues with my right hip area, and feared it was OA coming to join the party, so today I plucked up the courage to see my favourite GP who was just lovely, so understanding and patient. It seems I have developed Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome, so not OA, no surgery on the horizon, just takes time to settle though is likely to reoccur. She is giving me a steroid injection into the hip area next Friday, and recommends ice packs in the meantime. She also printed off some information sheets to help me better understand the problem.......I do like to be well informed and she doesn't seem to mind the endless questions as I think of them!

My right shoulder is also really sore, but I know that the joint is deteriorating having had a previous MRI on it.......perhaps I'll just use the tumble dryer more often and resist the temptation to peg out my washing which seems to aggravate it. I know another steroid injection into it will help, but I'd rather get the hip pain sorted and don't want to have too many steroid injections too close together. My feet and ankles are fairly grim thanks to the RA, but I have an orthotics review in 2 weeks and maybe they can help with that.......trying to be optimistic!

So, sorry I've not been around to support others, but I'll try to do more going forward.

Deb x


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    We do what we can when we can and we are all thankful for that,sometimes it just needs someone to understand what we are going through,I have been on humira for nearly 4 years 3 of those have been really really good and its still working well its just that other things decided to join in.You have a lot of things going on Dibdab but you took the time to help me and for that I am grateful.Mig
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    Aw Deb

    Don't feel bad if you haven't been around much. I am very glad you have been able to support mig - she deserved it.

    Glad the hip isn't bailing out on you at least and hope the injection helps you.

    No need whatsoever to peg out your washing!! Shoulder is more important I think :)

    You take care now


    Toni xxx
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    Deb, you have just taken me back many years to when my kids were young, I'd had no joints replaced and didn't seem to have a decent one. It was horrible and you have my sympathy.

    Re the greater tronchanteric pain - I know Hileena gets this. I don't know whether or not you'd be able to help each other or if it's just yet another thing one has to put up with.

    Shoulders are horrible, painful things when they go wrong. It's so hard to know how to best hold your arm, isn't it? I guess hanging out the washing could be (a)good exercise or (b)last straw. Maybe in good weather only? I always put a gilet on first if it's windy purely to protect my shoulders.

    Feet, ankles and orthotics? Hm let's not go there :lol: One of the great pleasures in moving house will be to get a new orthotist. My ankles are fused and my feet beyond repair but an orthotics department which actually did what they were written up to do would be a joy :D

    As for the final apology - don't you dare :o We support when we can, we ask for it when we need to and we take time out whenever necessary. Forum rules - which I just made up :wink:
    If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you.
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    Thanks for the understanding and encouragement. Sticky, hope the plans to move are proceeding smoothly! I'm never entirely convinced by the orthotist.....haven't managed to meet the same one twice, the second guy gave me orthotics that I have never been able to wear because they're so severe and his colleague who fitted them was sceptical......with good reason! So I wait with interest to see what comes next. :?

    The weather was beautiful yesterday, so taking advantage of the sunshine and our son visiting we went for a 40 minute walk....payback time today, bring on the ice packs and cocodamol....but I enjoyed it at the is to be lived not just existed.

    Deb xx