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Hi Guys got a crazy week next week with 2 Hospital appointments one day after the other!! So my first is Wednesday with my Rheumatologist at 14.15pm and my 2nd is on Thursday with my Orthopaedic Consultant at 16.20pm to discuss booking my left toe/foot fusing operation. Could I please ask for pocket duties for both those days, sorry for being greedy :oops: !! Thank you.


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    Ok, as long as if you can bear to you come with me to my next rheumy appointment on Friday.
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    Hi Bubba
    Count me in! I hope that you get sorted with your op x
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    I'll be there :)
  • Megrose2
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    I'll pop into your pocket, too, Bubba. I hope both appointments go well.

  • stickywicket
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    I wish you the very best for both. I daredn't offer pocket duties as I have a crazy 3-4 weeks coming up myself so would be bound to forget but you have my best wishes.
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    count me in bubba and I hope all the appointments go well for you..please let us know how you get on..x
  • bubbles
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    not greedy at all, I will be there, along with the others, keeping an eye :) xx Aidan
    XX Aidan (still known as Bubbles).