How children see things

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When I am on lunch duty at work I use my rollator as it means I can walk around the dining hall more easily and also sit to keep an eye on strategic points.
This week I overheard one of the new year pupils say to his friend
"That's not fair, how come she gets to push that around and sit down wherever she wants?"
He did not say you will not be storm tossed, you will not be sore distressed, you will not be work weary. He said you will not be overcome.
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    Aw bless him!!

    What a great way to look at it though :)

    Thanks Slosh
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    They do take an unusual look at life from time to time, don't they? A five year old girl went round to a friend's house for tea and, when she got home was very excited in telling her mum about the bear's egg on the side. Her mum was curious and mystified (because we know that bears do not lay eggs) so she asked for a description. The 'egg' was brown and hairy - and better known as a coconut. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben