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I've been lurking on this forum for a while now,just plucked up the courage to join you all,I have been to the rheumatologist, he said I have o.a,i have had several repeat blood test,I'm not medical minded at all but the word lupus in the blood tests form got me wondering,he also said I have sticky blood,i have had injections to both knees and it did help with the pain,now my shoulder and wrists are so painful I dread waking up in the morning, I am already on Meds for spondylitis of my spine diagnosed 5 years ago,everyday life is a struggle at the moment,I'm trying to stay positive but it's hard when the pain is so draining,ive changed my diet,cutting out all the crap, and trying to exercise,I don't know what else to do,I'm used to be very active but I get so exhausted these days,anyway just wanted to introduce myself,sorry for the rant.


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    Hello, it's nice to meet you - I apologise for my tardy reply to your introduction but I have been away for a while and am only now catching up.

    As you've been lurking I'm sure you have an idea of how it all works and I am pleased you have found the courage to join in! I have PsA and that has led to OA so I am in the hands of my rheumatologist and GP. Living with chronic pain is far from easy, that combined with the continual fatigue makes life even harder for us, doesn't it? I hope you enjoy using the forum, join any thread that takes your fancy and I hope things ease for you soon. DD
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    Hello Julia. Welcome from me, too.

    I expect the rheumatologist was trying to determine if you might have lupus but now seems satisfied that you 'simply' have OA so, in future, you'll probably be treated by your GP.

    It's true that pain is very debilitating and disheartening but you've come to the right place as we can all empathise. I see Sharon, our webmanager, has given you links to some useful areas of the site. Exercise can be the last thing we want to do but also the best thing for us. It keeps muscles strong and strong muscles support our joints better so they hurt less. Also, most of us find that anything that distracts us from the pain is good.

    Please join in anywhere you like. Living With Arthritis and Chit Chat are where most of us hang out :D
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    Hello Julia
    Its lovely to see you on the forum only sorry you had to look for us in the first place, but the one we can do is listen..talking about things can help..I do hope to see your name around the forum..
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    Thanks everyone for a warm welcome,and the links,the more I read about lupus the more I understand what's happening to me,I'm sure I will be posting lots,