Getting spasms in back

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I've over the weekend started getting spasm's in my lower back intermittently. It's like sharp electric shocks. It's worse when I try and bend my back and move my hips side to side. I've had this before but it went off within an hour this time it's on and off all weekend and still today. Does anyone else get this? And do you think it's anyway related to when I compressed my disc? Just want anyone's thoughts on it as I will ask one of my consultants about it this week if it's still rumbling on. Thanks Guys & Dolls


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    Hello bubbadog. I sometimes get stabbing, sort of wrenching pains in my lower back. Luckily I don't get it often but when it's there it is quite intense. Twisting movements seem to aggravate it, so I am avoiding twisty exerises/stretches at the moment. Gentle exercise and stretching definitely helps. Does this sound similar to your experience? I have some degeneration of the facet joints, a couple of bulging discs and mild scoliosis. Do you also have hip problems? I am told that pain from there can be referred. Hope things improve for you.
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    Hi Bubbadog.

    Best to ask your consultant. I get pain in my back but its like a permanent aching so think mine is related to my bad hip and if I've been standing 10 minutes or more. I have had those shooting pains in my back though and although they are extremely painful and take your breath away they would only happen on occasions!

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    Bubba I am sorry you have been suffering.

    I take it it's the kind of pain which makes you shout out?

    Seriously best not to take risks with the spine and have a word with whoever you have access too....consultant/GP??


    Toni xxx