First physio appointment

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Wednesday morning Im off to the bronchiectasis clinic for the first time the appointment letter says this app will be a consultation to assess how my chest is and well I don't know really what to expect so I hope one or two might be able to come with me,thanks Mig.


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    Mig, I'm bound to forget :oops: We have friends here today for a farewell meal and we're off to more friends' tomorrow for a farewell lunch. However, I shall send my doppelganger and instruct her to sit still and shut up. Good luck and try not to wheeze.
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    I'll be there, but hiding because I've rather neglected my acapela (chest physio device) of late......don't want a telling off however gently it's expressed!

    Hope it goes well and you get the same support I did, I found the specialist physio a real encouragement.

    Deb x
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    Hello Mig I remember my brother had exercises given to him and he had to lay a certain way in bed to help his lungs drain..will be thinking about you x
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    I hope it goes well for you, Mig.

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    Hi Mig
    Hope your appointment goes well and it gives you some relief