News from 1st appointment, 2nd appointment today

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Well yesterdays Rheumatology appointment went well, really get on well my new Rheumatologist. Well the crux of it went. Bloods not great still, my M.R.I scan and X-Ray of my left knee shows I have floating bone chips due to the grinding of knee cap against knee joint. He wants to do Arthroscopy remove bone chips and shave to smooth sharp edges but he wants to hang till fire on doing anything new till the ankle/toe fusion is done. But he is going to do a pain injection in to my knee next week to help with pain so got to go back to Worcester for him to do that. One down one to go!!


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    That sounds really good, Bubba. He obviously knows his stuff.

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    So far, so good. I hope the second one is too :D
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    That sounds like a good appointment bubba, my hubby had his knee cleaned out around 6 years ago now and all is well...good luck ..