What is happening to me!!

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Arnie has been getting me up between 4am and 4.30am for months now so I take my kindle to bed and play games till a reasonable hour to get up. But now and again I have been waking up when Arnie doesn't wake me between 5am & 6am I don't know what's wrong with me? I wish I could have a lie in and wake at 10am or 11am but I can't. Any idea's ?


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    I'd hate either 4am or 10am as a waking up time. Our radio alarm starts at 7am and goes off at 8am and by then I'm up. I think habit is a good thing where sleep's concerned. The body gets used to stuff and learns what's expected of it.

    I've read that playing computer games is a bad thing if one wishes to sleep afterwards. Maybe just read?

    Assuming Arnie is a pet and not your husband – or even if he is 8) – can't you just evict him from the bedroom?
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    I don't think there's anything wrong, like The Spouse you are accustomed to poor sleeping patterns, in your case probably initiated by the cat. Mr DD 'sojourns' (as I call it) between 3.30 and 4.30 am every night no matter how tired he might be. It's a learned behaviour - he even does it when we're on holiday. DD
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    I have to agree with you sleep patterns are called that because that's what they are. A pattern a habit.

    Naughty pussycat doing that to you!

    I take my kindle to bed incase I wake up too but read with the light on low if I wake up. Usually I go off ok.

    I wake every single morning without fail between 6.30 and 7.30 no matter what.

    I hope you have a better night tonight Bubbadog


    Toni xxx
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    Mon to Fri I wake up at around 6 without fail. Deep down I must know that the children need to get up at 6.30ish and I need some time to let the painkillers do their job. Oversleeping would be a disaster as I just could not rush about to catch up.

    I also think the body responds to light and traffic noise, certainly in my case I react to both as the first commuters awake around this time too.

    So it is likely to be your body responding to the usual pattern of sleep/awake.

    Elizabeth x
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    As one who hasn't slept 'properly' for many a year I would like to know the answer as well, should you ever find 'it'.
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    To clarify, Arnie is my huge bundle of fur cat!! (weighs a ton!) If my OH got me up at that hour I would punch him in the ribs! He can sleep through an earthquake. I've been really suffering with literally falling a sleep in the middle of having conversation with my OH and it's not because it's boring! And not being able to watch a television programme. My OH says sometimes I slur my words. I've made a Doctors appointment to see my G.P after having a chat with her about it. And now I've even started having rest days where I don't go near my computer or phone and have a duvet day and watch a film and have long sleeps. Will have to see what is causing this.
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    Hey, move over on the settee, thats my rest place! I can fall sleep anywhere even at the theatre. The grandchildren think its hillarious, stand over me and shout, all together, 'wake up grandpa"!
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    I'm the same I'm usually awake and up by 6am every morning mr turbo is not usually up until around 7.30 -8am and will still complain he is tired. :roll: and gets very disgruntled when I say good afternoon. ha ha :lol:
    Stay positive always👍xx