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Hi newbie lorr2007 it's also my birthday today 49yrs Young JIA from 13
I've a very big dream to raise monies for AC to have their own hydrotherapy centre in north wales (wellness centre if you like) if you don't dream it you cannot achieve it eh guys!?


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    Hello Lorr2007,

    ,!!!! Happy Birthday !!!!!

    A big dream indeed. I don't know how you would start off with that, but members have raised monies for various projects in the past so I'm sure you will get help from them. Likewise Arthritis Care raise money so may be able to give advice.

    In the meantime enjoy the forum - share your arthritis journey - offer support and advice and join in the fun here on the forum

    Take care
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    Hello Lorr2007

    Welcome to the forums from me :)

    I hope you'll find them as supportive as I have over the years.

    Wouldn't that be a great place. If you do so I might have to move to N Wales!!

    and a VERY Happy Birthday to you!!



    Toni xxx
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    Hi Lori. Welcome and Happy Birthday from me too.

    I was diagnosed at 15 but, back then, it wasn't called JIA.

    I hope you manage to achieve your dream. I presume you're liaising with AC about this. Hydro is always very helpful, isn't it, but, I imagine, enormously expensive to run.

    Good luck, anyway :D
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