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Hey all, new here :)

When I was about 11 years old, I discovered that my right hip would partially pop out of place, and in my ignorance would do it to gross the kids out at school. Fast forward some years and it would crunch and click and cause a lot of pain. I had xrays done which showed cartilage degeneration and that was pretty much it, nothing further was said or done.

Now for the past few years, both hips and wrists are hurting a lot. They grind and click when moved (left hip and wrist moreso), and when it is damp it's constant pain. I can tell when it'll rain by the pain in my joints before the weatherman says so. The veins on my hands are more visible when they are hurting. Lifting heavy things makes it worse, as does a long day on my feet.

I've recently moved, and asked for further investigation as my last GP said it was osteoarthritis and painkillers were the only thing I could have. This GP wants to examine me and see if it is correct, as now my left knee is popping and when I kneel feels like something is going to pop or burst inside it.

To those who have been properly diagnosed, does this sound like osteoarthritis?!


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    Hi there, PenguinMoo and welcome.

    Please excuse a very short reply but I must cook and I reckoned a short one was better than none. I'm not a doc or a health professional of any kind just someone who's had RA and OA for many years. From what I've read on here it sounds to me like it could be OA brought about by hypermobility. Have a read (ARUK is a trustworthy site.)
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    I was also going to say it sounds like it could possibly be the effects of hypermobility.

    I have this but wasn't diagnosed until I was in my 40s. You can get lots of popping and cracking and pain as you constantly stress the tendons and ligaments without realising.

    Hips and knees are very prone. Good luck xx
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    Hello PenguinMoo and welcome to the forum..I was also thinking hypermobility. ..hopefully your GP get you to a rheumy, and they will do all the bloods and other checks..good luck .
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    Hello, it's nice to meet you and I am sorry you have had to find us. I have OA as a result of my other arthritis, an auto-immune kind called psoriatic arthritis. The meds I take for that do nothing for the OA and no wonder because that is very different in nature and in how it presents. I manage my OA with pain relief supplied by my GP, very occasionally an anti-inflammatory and resting.

    My OA worsens in the damp and cold whereas the other prefers the heat and humidity of summer so it's a win-win for me! Bother and nonsense year-round is the name of the game but I'm used to it now, the PsA began in 1997 and the OA was diagnosed in 2011. Many of us know there is a link between the weather and how we feel in ourselves and our joints, doctors usually pooh-pooh this but I've yet to meet a doc with arthritis: what would they know? Exercise is essential as long as it's the right kind, low impact and regular and maybe you should seek advice from a physio (your GP can refer you) as your joints and troubles are different in nature to mine. I wish you well. DD
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