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I came across this pastiche of Kipling's 'If' many years ago. It was anonymous and, though I've tried hard to find an author, I can't. Isn't it good, though?

If you can keep your head when all about you
are patting it as if you were aged two
If you can trust your limbs when others doubt you
Accept help with good grace not as your due

If you can be content with your low earnings
while others round you have much more to spend
If you can learn to conquer normal yearnings
To sublimate and not go round the bend

If you can walk with crowds and keep your balance
or talk with kings and not let speech be slurred
If, when they praise some very minor talents
you can let your real achievement go unheard

If you can keep your dignity on falling
get up to face the stars and with a smile
If you can bear the welfare workers calling
to tabulate you neatly in a file

If you can face your limitations squarely
yet keep on striving to the bitter end
Then you will be much more than just disabled
Clearly, you'll be a miracle, my friend.
"The deeper sorrow carves into your being the more joy you can contain." Kahlil Gibran


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    I love it, Sticky - it's brilliant!
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    Love it sticky..we have the original on our youngest sons bedroom wall that was...it always gets to me..
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    wonderful xx
    XX Aidan (still known as Bubbles).
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    Great. I'm going to print it off and put it on my office wall at work
    He did not say you will not be storm tossed, you will not be sore distressed, you will not be work weary. He said you will not be overcome.
    Julian of Norwich
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    Excellent! It's ages since we did some parodies, this might spark a few ideas. I still mutter my Arthritic's Prayer on a regular basis:

    My Arthur,
    Thou art a devil,
    Damnéd be thy name.
    Your work is done
    I am undone,
    Both on Earth and on the Stannah to heaven . . . . DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben