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Advice needed please!I have been taking sulfasalazine for over two months now for psoriatic arthritis.I have heard that it can take 12 weeks to work but to date I have had no relief at all.Surely,if this drug is going to work,I would have seen the beginnings of some relief by now?I take 4 500mg tablets each day.Has anyone else had this experience please?


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    These are still comparatively early days for you but, when I began back in 2002, I expected results within a month. I built to six tablets per day but no, it did nothing for the pain (but nothing, apart from general anaesthetic ever has). A friend of mine is very well-controlled on six tablets per day and has been for years, I tease him that he has PsA Lite. DD
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    Same for me and hydroxychloroquine. The change was showing up in my bloods long before I noticed an improvement in symptoms. My CRP absolutely plummeted after just six weeks but I was in as much pain as ever. Then, eventually, my body started to catch up.

    I hope you feel some improvement soon.