Advice re pain, stiffness & next GP app please

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Having a really rough week. Started feeling poisoned again for the last two days and my fingers are even more swollen than usual and unrelenting pain and terrible stiffness that I can't soothe. I'm going back to my GP on Tuesday as I really need some help but I don't know what to ask for?

The rheumatologist has discharged me saying reactive arthritis will resolve by itself and the only medication I've been offered is naproxen, diclofenac and feldene gel (with over the counter codeine) and they don't relieve it. I've been referred for physio and ultrasound treatment but it's been a month and I've not heard anything.

The stiffness in my hands is driving me mad, I've tried heat, ice, massage, hand exercises, hot bath and compression gloves to try and relieve it but nothing helps :/ any other ideas? Ankles and feet are also bad but bearable. Im going away for the weekend and really hoping I manage it but i don't feel at all good at the mo.

Sorry to whinge, I know others suffer a lot more than I do, I could just use some advice as I feel like I'm alone in this.

Rach xx


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    All the things you're doing are the right things but I'm afraid you'll just have to persevere with them. There are no quick answers. Resting your hands, too, will help.

    Naproxen AND diclofenac? Surely not. Please check this out asap with either pharmacist or GP.

    I'm really sorry things are so rough but this is how arthritis can be.

    I do hope you can manage to enjoy your weekend. I hope the pleasure will outweigh the pain.
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    Yes, I am trying to rest my hands too but it is difficult.

    No, I've not been prescribed them at the same time but have tried each individually.
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    I empathise: every med I take and have taken have never truly eased any of my symptoms but luckily I know things are not going to change - and that does make life easier to manage because it's always more of the same. For you this must be harder, it's all new and the fact that it will clear - when IT wants to rather than when you want it to - is distressing.

    When things are rough with me (and they are at the moment) I take regular doses of pain relief (currently every six hours) to keep as much of a lid on things as I can. I don't have any inflammation at the moment that I am aware of, but my OA is having a field-day after a punishing week of life events so I'm adding diclofenac twice per day: this may help to dull another edge of the pain but no more. This is typical of Living with Arthritis - it ain't easy for any of us. DD
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    Hello Rach
    Many of us have been through this especially with the rheumy's , must say they are very busy so do discharge people when they can, I asked to be seen again and they did..make you you write everything down and ask lots of questions...I always say you have to shout to be heard..have you seen a physio for your hands..I have splints and they do help...good luck...
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    Hi Barbara
    I was referred for Physio at the end of August but haven't heard from them yet. They're meant to be doing ultrasound to reduce the swelling :)