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Hi there. I'm newly diagnosed with arthritis in my shoulders but slightly puzzled with my doctor's negative attitude to my condition. No outlining of what my long-term prospects are, no mention of local support groups, no offers of physio or exercises to do at home, just a prescription of tablets to help me sleep better at night. Am I missing something here? Is this normal? Any ideas as to what I should do?


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    Hi IanB,

    It's hard to be told you have arthritis, you have lots of questions and you have been left with nowhere to go. This booklet is very helpful regarding types of arthritis and their diagnosis.


    Ask questions here if you like, make a list of questions and when you are ready go back to your GP with them. It might also help if you take someone with you for support.

    Take care
    Yvonne x
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    Hello, welcome to the Creaky Gang and I am sorry you have to find us.

    If you have been diagnosed by your GP I suspect you have osteo arthritis, the most common form of the disease. The truth of the matter is there is very little that GPs can do to 'treat' it (hence maybe his apparently negative attitude), they can prescribe pain relief, maybe an anti-inflammatory medication and they can refer you to physio for an assessment of your particular situation but that's it.

    No-one can forecast how things will turn out for you or any of us on here. I have the beginnings of OA in my left shoulder (breaking my upper left humerus in January 2014 has led to that) and I also have it in my ankles, knees and hips. It is a shock to be diagnosed, there's no doubt about that, so give yourself time to regroup, read through AC's information booklets, if you have any questions post them on the Living with Arthritis board (more people look in on there) and we will do our best to help. I wish you well. DD
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    Hello Ian and welcome to the forums from me :D

    I wonder were you diagnosed after any sort of imaging was done? Xrays MRIs etc?? Or blood tests to rule out other similar presenting health conditions??

    Have you been told it's osteoarthritis ,sometimes a bit dismissively called 'wear and tear'?

    If so, often at the beginning, some Drs seem to go for the least intervention. So painkillers and in your case something to ease night time pain and help sleep. Shoulders are dreadfully difficult to sleep with when they are so sore.

    Most of the people on here will have experienced this initial response too, but if you are still struggling you could return to the GP, (I recommend taking someone along to support you), and asking for more help/information.

    You can ask to see a physio for instance or even an opinion from an orthopaedic consultant at a future visit.

    From a lay-persons experience have you tried using 'heat' (microwavable wheatbags/ stick on heat patches) or 'cold' ice in a tea-towel to help ease the pain?

    Some people find using a tens can help too.

    On the main Arthritis care site there is a whole section about exercise:


    Best of luck and if you need to be - be persistent.

    Toni xx
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    Sorry Im late ..but welcome to the forum Ian..like Toni say you ask for bloods to be taken and some xrays.and see what they say..some GPs just cant be bothered...